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Hey friends its J.Browne,

I had the opportunity to work with Paul on countless things at WHRW and in the student body. The whrw can drives, SA budget committee, show in the pub etc... I  considered him a really good friend like anyone else here. I can honestly say that Paul is one of the greatest human beings I have ever met.

Despite any disagreements we ever had, he would disarm them by ceremoniously announcing his issues to me "OK J.Browne, ISSUE ALPHA......................,ISSUE BETA..................,etc." It didn't really even matter anymore what we were arguing about because Paul is just so entertaining to listen to no matter what he says.

He is incredibly smart, kind, and wow, he's funny. Between yacking about wanting to "mix it up on the 1 and 2," , to his constant pitching of just ever-so-slightly innapropriate questions while I was dating one of his housemates,  his weekly bits on his radio show, to when I would just stop by his house to say "hi." As long as I have known him he has been a very proficient comedian, and all around wise ass. :-)

He beat me in 1999 for student of the year at SUNY Binghamton, and he well deserved the award for all of the excellent things that happened at WHRW with him as general manager. We did things as a station body that year, that WHRW had never seen before. He helped shape my college experience, as WHRW was such a huge aspect of my college life.

The other big aspect of my college life, The New York Public Interest Research Group (NYPIRG) is where I now work. While I know I am supposed to try to try to carry on with my work and life now, and I dont claim to be hurting any worse than anyone else, but it is really difficult to feel that I am doing anything of importance by trying to get legislators to recognize the harmful health effects of pesiticide use in New York. Life will not be the same for a while.

I knew that once the incident occured on Tuesday, that I would know somebody who was there. I had only chatted with Paul a few times this year and I guess it had slipped my mind that he was working at the WTC. As terrible as it feels all around, I wish it hadn't hit this close.

I miss all of you from free-formatland and beyond and wish that we would be soon seeing each other under better circumstances. My love goes out to all of the family and friends of Paul J. Battaglia, whose self made buisness card (just his name and college phone/email), I still have in my wallet.

Peace, Love, Moe, and Paul,

J.Browne (the modern rocker) WHRW 1996-1999

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