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I am Paul's Aunt Carol. I grew up with his father in Brooklyn, NY. I have written a poem for him, and I will have it available at his memorial Mass on October 6th. Here it is:

For Paul:

There are people sent from heaven …
Of this you can be sure
Their purpose is to share their love
Their example and much more

Their lives touch everyone they meet
Their smiles, a delight
A lasting friend to everyone
Regardless of the plight

Paul was one such person
We all know this is true
The lives he touched…the love he shared
Were more than just a few

He was a loving son and brother
Grandson, nephew, cousin too
Part of a large and loving family
And extended family too

He has friends in countless numbers
And one that stood apart
His loving girlfriend Aline,
who was closest to his heart.

Just looking through his website
We all can see the way
Paul touched so many people’s lives
Brightened up so many days

The countless friends and followers
Who pray and weep and mourn
So many who will miss him
So many who are torn

We think about the reason
why God brought our Paul here
Suddenly the purpose
becomes very clear

Think of the lives this young man touched
The kind works he has done
He opened up his heart to all
Included everyone!

God told Paul when he came here
“your stay won’t be too long,
 need your strength to open hearts!
I need you to be strong!

Your presence will make a difference
to all the lives you touch…
And when you leave, your spirit will
Leave a lasting touch”

Paul, we will miss you… Love, Aunt Carol

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